Philosophy - Thinking Time

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Canal Way ETNS value the inquisitiveness of our students. Thinking Time enables the students to take part in philosophical discussions where the children attempt to solve fundamental questions about our lives and the world in which we find ourselves.

Philosophy comes naturally to young people, and we nurture this youthful attitude, so that our children will never outgrow their sense that the world is a very puzzling place. We facilitate philosophical discussion through questioning, children’s literature and activities.


Philosophy 2 with Aodán’s Class

Philosophy with Aodán’s Senior Infants

What Happens To Numbers When You Are Not Using Them?

The children from PETNS discussed this question at Thinking Time today, and we followed on with some artwork to explore our ideas further. Students are welcome to leave a comment to develop the discussion on this blog. The following multiple choice question may inspire deeper thought – a. Nothing happens to them, 2 + 2 always equals 4, whether people think about it or […]