Welcome to the Canal Way After School information page! The After School Activities programme is organized by the Parents Association. The goal is to provide a wide range of fun and educational courses for students, that will help them to grow, develop and try out new things. A full list of activities currently on offer is available below the Timetable below. Have a browse to get a full sense of what is on offer for your child to explore!

Please note that booking and payment is carried out directly through the class provider, so please contact them with any questions about a specific course. (Details are provided in the table below.) You can direct any general queries or concerns about the After Schools Programme to canalwayafterschool@gmail.com. We are often looking for parent volunteers to support the programme on a day-to-day basis. If this is something you can help with, please contact the email address above. Garda vetting is be required for all volunteers.

Timetable January - March 2018

Please note that a full description of all the activities is available below the table, so you can read more about each course, including a description of what is covered in each, information about the instructor, and price and duration.









Runner Beans Club


Iarscoile Gaeilge














Paper Craft

Guitar & Ukulele













1st to 6th


1st to 6th








Rm 7 (Upstairs)




Active Club



1st to 6th

2nd to 6th

1st to 6th























After School Activity Descriptions (A-Z)

Active Club

Each week includes circuit style training and exercises. Activities work on the following areas:
  • Learning fundamental motor skills
  • Cardio Endurance
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Muscular Strength, Manipulation and Bodyweight Manoeuvring
  • Learning about healthy foods and lifestyle habits

The class will be run by Ciarán, current 3rd class teacher. Please contact him directly to book your child's place.

Price: €40
Duration: 9 weeks
Contact: Ciarán
Email: activeclubcanalway@gmail.com


During Art Classes children will explore and experiment with many different types of mediums, forms and techniques such as making prints, weaving, clay, cards, making paint, painting, drawing and so on. They will learn about pattern, line, colour (Klimt, Kandynsky and other influences). They will work on different themes like seasonal art (autumn, winter, spring and summer), nature, the built environment, people, animals, emotions, significant calendar dates, etc. Through the art activities children can develop abilities and skills that are useful in all areas of their early development. They also gain the confidence to express their own thoughts and feelings and develop an appreciation for the art of others.

The class will be run by Asha, a qualified Primary School and Pre-School art teacher with specialised expertise in children’s art education. Please contact her directly to book your child’s place.

Price: €48
Duration: 6 weeks
Contact: Asha
Email: asha@brightsparksart.com


Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines elements of dance, gymnastics, martial art, percussion musical instruments and singing.

The classes are usually divided in six parts:

  • Warm up and stretching
  • Routines and combinations
  • Development of movements in pairs
  • Games
  • Music: Children are introduced to the 5 percussion instruments of capoeira: Berimbau, Atabaque, Pandeiro, Agogo & Reco-Reco. Children are also introduced to the music & lyrics of capoeira which are in the Portuguese language.
  • Roda: The Capoeira roda commences with children in a circle singing, clapping and playing the capoeira percussion instruments. In the roda, two capoeiristas (capoeira players) have fun playing capoeira & showing the skills learned during the class.
The class will be run by Sansao, a qualified Capoeira teacher.  He has attended the Code of Ethics training for working with children in sport in Ireland. Please contact him directly to book your child’s place

Price: €48
Duration: 8 weeks
Contact: Sansao
Email: mestresansao@gmail.com


Any child with an interest in learning chess or improving their chess is welcome to attend. Chess rules, tactics, and play will be learned and developed. Children will be encouraged to develop their creativity, planning, and judgment via the chess board.

The class will be run by Simon, a full time teacher at Canal Way Educate Together NS.  Please contact him directly to book your child’s place.

Price: TBD
Duration: 9 weeks
Contact: Simon
Email: canalwaychess@gmail.com


The Drama class will provide a structured framework for creative expression and aim to improve skills in communication, foster creative and imaginative thinking and enhance self-expression, self-confidence and self-esteem in the children. Speech, drama and communication activities contribute to the personal, social, intellectual and creative development of children of any age.

Some of the activities included in the drama class will be:

  • Mime
  • Drama games
  • Movement to music
  • Voice exercises
  • Storytelling
  • Puppetry
  • Verse and prose speaking
  • Improvisation and creative drama

The class will be run by Hazel, a fully qualified speech and drama teacher. Hazel holds a Diploma of Associate (Teaching) with the Irish Board of Speech and Drama. She studied Drama and Theatre in UCC and was part of many productions both there and later on in the National University Maynooth. She was involved with The Young Irish Film-makers in Kilkenny for many years and was an active member of Dreamstuff Youth Theatre and Devious Theatre.

Hazel previously taught drama to 5-7 year olds with Dreamstuff Youth Theatre and has also worked for Jesters Stage Academy- an acting school in Kilkenny of over 300 hundred students where she taught two separate classes of drama to both Junior’s and Senior’s and helped to manage the end of year show. Two years ago she co-wrote and co-directed the end of year show for sixth class in Griffith Barracks. Last year she taught speech and drama for two terms to both Junior and Senior classes in Canal Way Educate Together.
Please contact her directly to book your child’s place.

Price: €58.50
Duration: 9 weeks
Contact: Hazel
Email: hazelfahy1@gmail.com

Gaeilge Larscoile

The purpose of this class is to help children improve their Gaeilge through active participation and extended exposure. Each week will involve activities, games and songs to help children learn Gaeilge in a fun and informal way. Communication, conversation, everyday dialogue, chit chat and pronunciation are all key elements in the learning of Gaeilge. The intention is to show children that Gaeilge can be a fun and enjoyable language to learn.

Activities will include:

  • Songs (new and current pop songs!)
  • TG4 TV shows and Raidió na Gaeltachta (language immersion)
  • Drama Activities
  • Games trí Gaeilge
  • Ciorcal Comhrá

The class will be run by Ciarán, current 3rd class teacher. Please contact him directly to book your child’s place.

Price: €40
Duration: 9 weeks
Instructor: Ciarán
Email: gaeilgeclubcanalway@gmail.com

Guitar & Ukulele

This class is meant to demonstrate that playing music at a competent level is both a richly rewarding experience and an achievable goal. The students will learn and develop a repertoire of songs built on solid and simple musical principles. Classes will be fun, simple, and engaging.

The class will be run by Luke Coffey, a full time teacher and musician, and Lily Sheehan. Please contact Luke directly to book your child’s place.

Price: €100
Duration: 10 weeks
Contact: Luke Coffey
Email: lukecoffey3@gmail.com

Lego® - Building With Confidence

Building with Confidence is a child led fun activity. In this Lego® construction workshop, each child has the opportunity to explore their own style of building. Week by week each child is encouraged to show their work as it progresses. This allows the opportunity for development of public speaking and listening skills. It also gives the children the opportunity to encourage each other. From these discussions it can become clear what interests each child and we can explore some design and construction ideas such as symmetry, use of colour and reinforcement There is no right or wrong way of building, it is really about each child expressing their ideas in a positive and fun way.

The class will be run by Mary. Please contact her directly to book your child’s place.

Price: €54 (10% discount for siblings or low income families.)
Duration: 9 weeks
Contact: Mary
Email: mollymc085@gmail.com


The Mindfulness course will embark on a journey into a gentle awareness of the body, the breath, thoughts and emotions using fun and friendly techniques and practices. There will be some discussion after each exercise to help make sense of them, with an emphasis on curiosity about what has just been experienced, and a reassurance that there is no right or wrong way to experience a mindfulness practice.

There are many benefits to ‘mindfulness.’ It has been shown to enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and to improve concentration. It’s a gentle way for children to be equipped with some simple tools to have at hand when life gets overwhelming or they are feeling bored or worried. Mindfulness is also a way for children to know that quiet time is good for them and that they don't always need to be busy doing activities. Mindfulness is also a way for children to learn how to live in the present moment.

The class will be run by Aoife, who has been practising Mindfulness Meditation for 10 years. She holds a Post-Grad Certificate in Mindfulness Studies from Aberdeen University (2011). She did a teacher training course with the Mindfulness Association UK and adhered to the UK Good Practice Teacher Guidelines set out by the Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Network. Please contact her directly to book your child’s place.

Price: €TBD
Duration: 5 weeks
Instructor: Aoife
Email: aoife.boyle@gmail.com

Paper Craft

Paper Craft is the collection of art forms employing paper for the creation of three-dimensional objects. Paper is one of the most familiar and widely used materials in art and craft. It will help the children to create their own artwork applying the right techniques such as sticking, folding, gluing and cutting. Different types of paper will be used to make cards, flowers, wreaths, animals and other fun and decorative items.

Paper Craft has many benefits:

  • Improve hand eye coordination
  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Learn to take instructions
  • Enhance problems solving skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Developing patience and focus
  • Build confidence
  • Excellent way to promote recycling

Paper Craft is a great opportunity to teach children to follow through with whatever they start so that the product is finished. They learn satisfaction and pride of completing a project. Every piece of craft is a work of art.

The class will be run by Szilvia, a qualified teacher with many years of experience teaching art and craft for children and adults. She works as an art therapist in a Mental Health Centre and she also works in the Sibling Hour Service at Canal Way Educate Together. Please contact her directly to book your child’s place.

Price: €67.5
Duration: 9 weeks
Instructor: Szilvia
Email: szilvia.nagydomokos@gmail.com

Runner Beans Club

The Runner Beans programme covers the following activities:
  • Javelin
  • Shot Put
  • Long Jump (indoor mat)
  • Hurdles (small)
  • Race Walking
  • Jogging
  • Junior Pole Vault (when weather/venue are suitable)
  • Agility, Balance & Coordination Skills
All the classes are fun based and non-competitive. Every child in the programme gains the benefit of a healthier lifestyle in a fun and non competitive environment while learning track & field events.

The class will be run by Janette, a fully qualified ‘AAI Level 2’ endurance coach and also a fully qualified PT and fitness instructor NTC qualification level 4.

Price: €60
Duration: 9 weeks
Instructor: Janette
Email: safejssafe@gmail.com


The Science Club provides children with an opportunity to conduct experiments in a wide range of science topics. Working individually or in groups, the children will cover a different science topic each week.

The science topics we cover are in 4 main groups:

  • Physics – heat, light, sound, electricity, etc.
  • Chemistry – chemical reactions, sticky chemicals, glowing chemicals, slime, etc.
  • Space – our solar system, stars, space stations, space travel, etc.
  • General science – rocks & minerals, our senses, pollution, air, etc.

We have a broad range of scientific equipment, tools & chemicals. All experiments are conducted safely, under the supervision of our trained instructors. Each week all children will take home a science model relating to that week’s class so that they can conduct further experiments at home. Science is our future! If your child shows an interest and aptitude for science, the Science Club is highly recommended!

The class will be run by Craig. Please contact him directly to book your child’s class.

Price: €65
Duration: 9 weeks
Contact: Craig
Email: craigst@eircom.net


The mission of the class is to support the physical and spiritual development of the children as well as their emotional well-being. Yoga helps children gain confidence and builds their self- esteem; teaches them relaxation and how to release their emotions; teaches them to respect others while learning to be themselves and most important, no competition.

Class is divided in 4 parts:

  • Breathing exercises (back into the present moment)
  • Asanas (poses)
  • Game
  • Relaxation

The class will be run by Helene, a certified Yoga instructor trained in Mysore India. Please contact her directly to book your child's place.

Price: €48
Duration: 8 weeks
Contact: Helene
Email: leyoga.ie@gmail.com